What are the top 10 stories about the impact of autonomous vehicles on the job market?

1. Automakers’ shift towards autonomous vehicle production could lead to job cuts
2. Autonomous trucks could lead to the loss of millions of trucking jobs
3. Ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft plan to replace human drivers with autonomous vehicles
4. Autonomous vehicles could create a new industry for maintenance and repair jobs
5. Autonomous buses and taxi services could reduce the number of jobs for bus and taxi drivers
6. Autonomous delivery vehicles could lead to job losses for delivery drivers
7. Autonomous vehicles could create new opportunities for remote jobs in the tech industry
8. The demand for data analysts and engineers in the autonomous vehicle industry is expected to grow
9. Autonomous vehicles could create new jobs in the design and development of new transportation systems
10. Autonomous vehicle technology could lead to the creation of new job categories, such as safety drivers and remote vehicle operators.