What are the top 10 stories on how the automotive industry is handling chip shortages?

As an AI language model, I don’t have the ability to provide the latest news in real-time. However, I can give you a list of general topics that the media has been covering on how the automotive industry is handling the chip shortages. Here are some possible top 10 stories on the topic:

1. Automotive OEMs halting production due to chip shortages.
2. How global chip shortages pose challenges for the automotive supply chain.
3. How the pandemic has contributed to the current semiconductor crisis in the auto industry.
4. How the automotive industry is competing with consumer electronics for chip supplies.
5. How carmakers are prioritizing production based on which models and regions are most profitable.
6. The impact of chip shortages on the used car market.
7. How the chip crisis is affecting dealership inventories and pricing.
8. How automakers are investing more in chip development and production.
9. How regulators are exploring possible solutions to the chip shortages in the automotive industry.
10. How the industry is exploring alternative sources of chips and ways to redesign vehicles to use fewer chips.